Project Description

Vivid Light transforms Sydney into a wonderland of ‘light art’ sculptures, innovative light installations and grand-scale projections for all to enjoy – for free. It is a magical celebration of light-design excellence and the world’s largest outdoor ‘art-gallery’: a unique Vivid Sydney experience.

Vivid Light engages lighting artists, designers and manufacturers from around Australia and the world to illuminate, interpret and transform Sydney’s urban spaces for 18 nights through their creative vision.

This year, Vivid Light introduces Chatswood as an addition to its wonderland of light art and grand-scale projects for everyone to enjoy. Much smaller than the City locations, it still boasts a wonderful design and is an amazing location to visit.
There are easy transport from the city by bus or via the train, so if you have extra time to spare, hop on and visit Vivid’s new location!

Project Details

Location: Chatswood, Australia

Date: 26 May, 2015