Project Description

Comic World is an anime-oriented festival that is held in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The convention i attended is currently located in Taiwan, National Taiwan University.

Comic World provides exhibition booths for several well talented artist whom wants to advertise themselves to the community, they are also able to sell their merchandise that ranges from comic books, hand drawn posters to personal items like key chains and figurines.

Comic World also provides a large cosplay convention, showing off their talents in dressing up in their favourite anime character or current popular character, these conventions contain various activities such as illustrations and cosplay contests, singing competitions and chance to speak and/or meet with famous artists that ranges for attendees or visitors to join in. As a largely known festival it has a large community of people attending, everyone is friendly and respects each others space when taking photos.

Overall Comic World in Taiwan is currently the largest cosplay and anime-oriented exhibition I have ever attended and is by far the best.

Project Details

Location: National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Date: 13 December, 2014