Project Description


SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime show is a Japanese pop culture convention that devotes itself to artists, creators and fans alike. SMASH! has the biggest community that attracts thousands of visitors every year and yet constantly growing! It has exciting activities for everyone ranging from fascinating cosplay’s, panels, games and extensive Vendors and Artist Panels.

On August 20th & 21st yet again outdone itself this year with an even bigger crowd than the year before with amazing new guests, featuring;
Hideo Ishikawa, Ai Nonaka, ‘Goldy’ Takashiro Sakai and Yuegene Fay.

And topping it off for the anniversary; DJ Catalystic, Hachioji P and IA.

Project Details

Location: Rosehill Gardens, Rosehill

Date: 20 August, 2016